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Immunization is an important part of keeping you and your family healthy. At your Mina Drug Store, you’ll get the immunization care you need from a pharmacist you trust.

The Public Health Agency of Canada had developed an immunization schedule for the entire population. The schedule lists the vaccines the government considers essential to protect people against possible disease outbreaks, and are provided free of charge. It also indicates which vaccines are to be administered at what age. Other vaccines may also be recommended for a particular health problem, for work or lifestyle reasons, for travel, or to protect you against the flu virus.


Vaccination services are available at Mina Drug Store and are provided by pharmacists who have received the required training. Having your pharmacist administer your vaccine, such as the flu shot is convenient and often no appointment is required. In many circumstances, there is no additional cost for this service as the provincial health plan covers the cost.

Remember: Vaccination not only protects you but also indirectly protects everyone around you.

Don't hesitate to talk to your pharmacist, who is dedicated to making sure you stay healthy.


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